December 24, 2022, 5:03 PM

It is a phrase that has been repeated many times over many, many years: Jesus is the reason for the season! I wonder if we have forgotten what this phrase really means, especially in the church. Jesus is to be the sole focus of the church at all times, all year long. Many times I think He is regulated to just a thought during Christmas time. What would happen if we would put the time and effort into truly seeking Him all year, like we do in trying to find the "perfect" present for our kids and our loved ones? What would our churches look like? What would our churches sound like? What would your family look and sound like? I would dare say, that things would look completely different and our society would be different. Matthew 2:1 talks about Magi that came from the east seeking Jesus. This was a journey for them that was hard and very challenging, but they did not give up and they found and worshiped Jesus and I truly believe they were never the same.

In our comfortable society, if things get to challenging, we tend to give up to easily. Seeking Jesus is never easy, but if Jesus is the reason for the season, then we will not give up until we find Him not just at a certain time of year, but each and every day of our lives and my friend, the seeking is truly worth all the time and effort put into the journey. Yes there will be mountain top experiences and there will also be valleys to go through as well but Immanuel, God with us, will be with you every step of the journey.

Remember, Jesus is not the reason for a season, He is the reason we live everyday, He is our hope, peace, love, and joy! Merry CHRISTmas.